Local Ministry Partners...

The Paducah Cooperative Ministry seeks to do God’s work with human hands by bringing together individuals and resources to respond to basic human needs and conditions in McCracken County.


Sharing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ in our community. When we provide for those who cannot provide for themselves, we, in essence, are providing as if for Jesus. This is the focus of our entire mission. And the most important factor in this ministry...it's all free.
There is absolutely no cost for the meal or the clothing.


Hope Unlimited Family Care Center supports and empowers expecting parents, existing families, and those connected to or caring for children to grow stronger through God’s Word.


Missionaries We Support...

Kamal & Chelsea Maddala along with their son Aiymen & two daughters Aletheia & Alexandria, currently live in Paducah, KY. "We are missionaries to Western KY & Southern Illinois. We work to reach & evangelize a lost and hurting people right here in the 'Bible Belt'. We do one on one witnessing across the area, as well as minister at local churches. We teach an evangelism curriculum designed to teach about the need to go outside our church's walls to take the life giving message of Jesus Christ to our neighbors. We also are a bridge to India, where my father & mother oversee 22 churches, 70 local Indian Pastors & a Christian orphanage, Christian school, clinic, Bible college & trade school. We take group teams to India to serve at the ministry campus and surrounding area."

Kamal has worked along side his father in the ministry in India since 2001. He first came to the USA to attend Bible college in Cincinnati, OH. He is ordained under World Harvest Church of Paducah as an Evangelist. Kamal is used by the Lord to minister across denominational walls. He has ministered all over the region as a guest speaker as well as a fill-in Pastor. He has a heart to not only evangelize the lost, but bring others along to teach them practical evangelism.

Ambassador for Christ,

Reverand Kamal Maddala

Hello brothers and sisters. I am a missionary from Paducah, Ky working with Samaritan International of Nicaragua. At Samaritan's we focus on feeding centers as an access point to share the Gospel. Last year over two million were fed through this ministry. As a missionary ever day is different. Some days just loading the truck with food and going to different locations, some local, some remote. When we arrive we never know what may take place. It may be handing out food and simply saying Jesus loves you. It may be discussing family needs or just encouraging them. Praying and laying on of hands is an everyday act that I am called to do. I try and not complicate things. Love looks like something and it's about loving the one right in from of you. 
Prayer request:
That Holy Spirit would continue to move in a mighty way!!
For a place to live separate from the compound.
Living basically where you work can be difficult at times. 
Monetary monthly support is very crucial. 
I have had some challenges arise that were unexpected. The ministry truck has had some mechanical issues that have been costly. 


Thank you 
God Bless
Adrian Sherrod

The Amazing Journey of a Shoebox Gift Begins with You and Results in Evangelism, Discipleship, and Multiplication.


In 2009, God led Bruce and Toni Hebel to launch Forgiving Forward. This ministry was birthed out of their own personal experience of wounding. Since that time, they have taught many people how to forgive and how to help others forgive—since most people who need to forgive need help doing so. They have witnessed countless individuals, couples and churches discover freedom from torment caused by their unforgiveness, simply by applying the Protocols of Forgiveness. Marriages on the brink of divorce have been reconciled; freedom from addictions, depression and anxiety realized; others finding physical healing; all by simply choosing to apply the cross to the wounds of their lives. Bruce and Toni deliver Forgiving Forward Seminars all over the world. Through the Forgiving Forward Coaching Intensive, a second level of training, Bruce and Toni are also certifying Forgiving Forward Coaches every place they travel.   “We believe that the truths of radical forgiveness may be the most important message for the world today. Everyone needs to become expert forgivers, whether it’s pastors, church leaders, the people in the pews, or the people on the streets. It is a universal message with universal impact. It is a message that the Holy Spirit has given us. It is a message that God wants us to communicate. The Forgiveness Revolution has begun—it must be unleashed! Would you join us?”  

Bruce & Toni

Foreign Mission Opportunity...

At Community Life Church, we are excited about possibly partnering with Mission of Hope to do our first church wide mission trip in 2018! Click on the logo above to visit their site and learn more about this incredible ministry.

As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. We desire to serve the nation of Haiti, and see lives changed.

Our Mission is to fulfill our Vision in every endeavor we undertake by successfully executing on our five core Resolutions.

Relational Proclamation: Intentionally modeling Christ’s love through relationships.
Evangelistic Saturation: Repeatedly sharing the Gospel message in targeted geographies.
Indigenous Mobilization: Strategically developing national leaders to carry the vision to the nation.
Holistic Transformation: Continuously pursuing God’s physical, mental, social and spiritual destiny for every man, woman and child.
Excellent Implementation: Responsibly utilizing all resources and talents to their fullest potential for God’s glory.

Community. It’s the beginning of our name, Community Life Church, and it is the primary focus when it comes to our mission work. We believe that we have been placed in the West Park Village area of Paducah for a reason. And that reason is to reach out to our community and show them the love of Christ. From serving lunch to local offices, donating to local nursing homes, and serving the faculty, staff and families of Concord Elementary, we want our community to know that we are here for them.

This, along with partnering with several local missionaries and organizations, our prayer is that we can share the Gospel and make disciples of all the nations.