At Community Life Church, we believe that in order to be a part of the church, we need to serve. We have some great ministries that offer a ton of opportunities for you to become involved and really make CLC your home!


Have a desire to make sure people feel welcome? Hospitality is a huge part of what we do on a Sunday morning. We want to be sure that everyone who walks into Community Life Church feels like it is an inviting place where they will be comfortable! Being sure the coffee is hot and the snacks are out goes a long way towards making visitors feel at home.


Worship is giving to God the glory, honor and praise He deserves. Our worship team works hard to bring the highest quality in music and leadership every Sunday morning. Talent and passion combine to create an enviroment where everyone can worship God. 


We believe that quality honors God and that is what our tech team strives for every Sunday. Supporting the worship team and the staff on stage, the tech team is an incredibly important part of what happens on Sunday morning. Can you push the space bar button? There's a job for you! Know how to mix sound? There's a job for you! 


Greeters are the face of our church. They are the first people that anyone who walks in the door sees and are the most important part of making sure everyone feels welcome at Community Life Church. Starting from the parking lot and extending into the lobby, greeters have a huge impact on someones experience at CLC.


Ushers have two roles during the service. First, making sure everyone can find a seat! We want everything to go as smoothly as possible for a visitor, and help finding enough seats for their family is a big deal. Ushers are also responsible for collecting the offering every service and making sure it makes it into the office.


CLC Kids, CLC Youth and Lifegroups all have their own page! Click below to link to where you want to go!

A message from our staff

"Our hope is that everyone who comes to Community Life Church would be able to serve in some way. We have many different opportunities for you to get involved and use your gifts and passions in a way to helps our church reach our community for Christ. If you call Community Life Church your home, then we encourage you to seek out a place where you can serve, whether it's in CLC Kids, hospitality, as a Lifegroup leader or any of the other incredible ministries we offer. Let us know where you would like to help!"