We have many places to get involved and serve at Community Life Church! 

If you are ready to call CLC your home, we encourage you to find a place to use your gifts!

Here are a few tools to help get you started!


We have some incredible ministries that are vital to what happens on Sunday morning for church and Wednesday night for youth group! Coffee needs to be made, people need to be greeted, children need to be taught! We even need the trash to be taken out afterwards! Click the link to get info on specific areas of ministry that might be of interest to you!


A great tool for learning more about where God has called you to serve is to comple a spiritual gifts assesment. We offer this to you for free and it goes a long way towards helping us to get you connected to the right ministry! 


Each of us has been created uniquely by God. Part of who we are is our personality! Personality Plus is a great tool to learn what your personality is, what the strentghs and weaknesses associated with that personality are and how your personality will interact with others! Click the link to take a free personality test! Download the PDF to your computer in order for it to calculate.

A message from our Associate Pastor

"God has called each and every one of us to a life of service. As a staff, we believe that one of our main purposes is to find places for you to fulfill the calling that God has placed on your life! Maybe it's teaching in the kids room and sharing the gospel with them for the first time! Maybe it's being a greeter and making sure that everyone who comes through our doors feels like they are welcome and among family. It could be any number of things and we want to be sure to help you work that out. Living a life of service to God means serving others!"